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The medieval town is definitely worth a visit. Most popular choice for surfing close to Lagide: A beach so long that it is impossible not to find something to ride. Our home break. We’ve just been on Peniche itself for buying groceries. They are close in distance but have a very different dynamic. Especially when you arrive in Lisbon or in Porto, you need to get to the surf mecca in Portugal. Professionals will see if the Supertubos waves break. Certainly expensive is board rental! But in winter time you can get 5 foot at 14 seconds from the north west and it will be pumping. Geschützt bei Westwind und anschauen bei Nordwind, wenn Cantinho zu voll ist. Surf photos from Peniche and reviews of the best spots and surfing conditions have been provided by local surfers. Everything around the Golf resort. Only go when you really know what you are doing. Required fields are marked *. Waves just as likely from local windswells as from distant groundswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest.. Generell kann man sagen, … During wave “low season” in the European summer, you will need to check waves in the morning and hide from the often appearing north wind (ideally at Cantinho). Your email address will not be published. Not too bad, right? Beyond that, I will also give some options of surf-alternatives and estimation on what you will approximately spend. Europe’s most famous beach break. Supertubos Surf Guide. Professionals will see if the Supertubos waves break. ➳ Average Dinner: 6-10 Euro Most popular choice for surfing close to Cantinho Da Baia: A large stretch of sand just north of Peniche, this swell magnet of a beach offers year-round waves for surfers of all abilities. Alles links von Brunos Bar. Enter your full name, email address and a password to register. Near-shore swell is shown on the map together with the surf forecast rating for spots in Peniche. We had an extremely fun sunset session at Gigi’s with small but fun waves. © 2020 | Privacy | Cookie Policy. During summer beginners can have fun, in October the world elite gets challenged. In this time of the year the Ripcurl Pro Portugal takes place at Supertubos, with massive barrels breaking in Peniche. Mais votre patience sera récompensée ! The weather in Peniche is quite moderate. Watch out with dropping tide: Only inches of water on the reef. In order to give you a quick feeling on prices, here’s a list of different things you will need to spend money on. Natürlich habe ich hier nicht alle Spots aufgezählt. The wave is extremely fast and heavy. Doesn’t work too often. From October onwards you don’t need to worry about waves anymore. As soon as Cantinho and the other spots get swell, Praia d’el Rei will be too big for most surfers already. Gut geschützter Spot direkt an der Hafenmauer. First off, what bothered me before booking the flights? The biggest and best waves roll in during the European fall and winter. Peniche seems to be the safest bet. ➳ Surfing in Sri Lanka – Surfing in the Indian Ocean Besides enjoying the great vibe the town certainly has, there are a couple of other things to do. Get in touch +353 1 482 2828 or +44 20 8144 9950 They offer a wide selection of shapes and sizes. Go starting point to check with a good view. Keep in mind that during wave “off-season”, the European summer, it’s crowded because of summer holidays and in October due to world-class waves and the WSL taking place at Supertubos. Left Point Break: The right is only good when huge. Generell kann man sagen, dass die Wellen im Sommer kleiner sind, im Winter größer. The scenery is especially breath-taking and illuminated in a magical orange, right after sunrise and one hour before sunset. Waves consistently break left and right and are almost certainly guaranteed to be quieter than Supertubos and the rest of Peniche. The most westerly spot of the bay. The vibe fits Peniche, incredibly relaxing and good for your soul. Prior to our arrival, we thought that we will spend most of our time on the beach in Peniche. We break down some of the best places to consider when planning a Portugal surf holiday. As I surfed a Semente Board (shaped in Portugal) while surfing in North Sumatra, we wanted to test another local shaper. Par contre, si vous vous rendez à Peniche pour profiter de ses excellentes conditions de surf, vous devrez vous diriger vers … Keine Abenteuer! Manche müssen geheim bleiben und mache zeigen wir euch nur, wenn ihr es keinem weitererzählt. Socializing! Gezeiten ändern sich schnell, Windrichtungen und Stärke auch und Sandbänke halten sich selten länger als ein paar Wochen. Am besten zum Parken und gute Aussicht weiter nach Norden. Luckily she’s willing to share the secret. They are close in distance but have a very different dynamic. Surfer ability: Beginner (sometimes! Lasst ihnen ihre Wellen. Check the rocks at low tide! Some spots (more on spots later) are extremely exposed and still get waves when all other spots are flat like a lake. At Baleal beach, you will find many shops renting and selling boards and wetsuits. The north side only via the highway. Bei kleinem Swell im Sommer haben wir dort oft die besten Sessions überhaupt. // Diese Seite nutzt Cookies für Analysen, Werbung und Affiliate-Programme. Peniche surf spots are driven by a coastline that consistently enjoys strong Atlantic swells coming ashore over a variety of powerful beach breaks, right-hand points and the occasional reef. You let us know how you prefer to travel and stay, we organize the rest for you! Water temperature in Peniche: A summer suit will be more than adequate up until November, in the cooler months slightly thicker rubber might be necessary. The spot on the south side of Peniche. Most popular choice for surfing next to Santa Rita: Largely recognised as the best spot on the northern side of Peniche, in Baleal. Peniche Surf Forecast map for predicting the best wave and wind conditions across the region. Thus, both beginners and advanced learners always find the waves that suit them. Rivermouth. Die wirkliche Wellengröße kann man nicht im Internet ablesen. If you have a bunch of friends with whom you want to travel to Peniche, no problem we can help you out! Everything left of Bruno’s Bar. So from just a bed to full-service, everything is possible. Less crowd further to Baleal. Most popular choice for surfing next to Areia Branca: Another quality Portuguese beach break that has kept relatively under the radar, partly due to its more southerly location, on its day, Praia de Santa Rita has been known to throw up a few barrels. This is, by the way, the place where John John Florence, Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater stayed. Finding a good rental car is always a challenge as many seem weird and you are never entirely sure what you get. Supertubos will be basically flat. Thus, even with strong winds (North winds are predominant during the European summer), you can still have insanely fun sessions in the cold Atlantic. Peniche is suitable for beginners and for the world’s best surfers. So if you and your friends consider going to Peniche for a couple of days, just let me know. Peniche is a surf Mecca, that’s for sure. If it’s yours, it always fits better and you can use it for the next couple of years. For a more mellow and less crowded surfing experience, the small, Hot summers and mild winters make Portugal, and in particular Peniche,  a year-round surfing destination. A beautiful stretch of white sand, this area is one of the most consistent of all the Peniche surf spots for beginners. Either way, you should book a bit in advance. Give it a first shot when it’s small! Reef boots are not a ridiculous idea here, especially for beginners, as there are always the odd urchin scattered around the rocks. The peak breaks both left and right, but the deepest and longest tube rides are usually reserved for those going left. Wellen werden von Stürmen auf dem Meer erzeugt, sobald der Sturm vorbei ist, werden die Wellen wieder kleiner. Says it all. Nicht umsonst heisst der Werbeslogans Peniches: It´s always offshore. Der wahrscheinlich einfachste Beach von Peniche. But when it’s good… Respect the locals! Enter your name and email address below to get Instant Access to ALL our Surf Guides. It is on the other side of Cantinho Da Bahia. ), intermediate and advanced. The name says it all; you can find strong tubes here. Only good at west swell. Bei der Vorhersage wird es in Supertubos keine Tubes geben, sondern eher zum Baden einladen. Surfspots Map Fazit Eines steht sicherlich fest, Peniche gehört definitiv zu den schönsten Flecken Portugals und das nicht nur für Surfer und Backpacker. Gali, the girlfriend of our host at the Ananas Surf House makes incredible Humus. Respect the locals! This site uses cookies for analysis, advertisement and affiliates. Im Winter sind die geschützten Spots in Peniche das tolle: Selbst an den allergrößten Tagen wird man am Intermarche oder an der Mole noch ins Wasser können ohne eine Kamikaze-Aktion starten zu müssen.'s Nicky Kelly ... 4 months ago,'s Nicky Kelly ... 5 months ago, Our staff have sat down ... 6 months ago, Special Offer: Book a Surf Holiday & get a, Need advice choosing your surf holidays destination? [vc_images_carousel images=”803,804,805″ img_size=”full” title=”Sagres in pictures”], [vc_video link=”″ title=”Supertubos”], [vc_video link=”” title=”Baleal”]. Find the best places to surf in offshore conditions by selecting the wind option on the forecast map. Tip: This webcam is a great indicator for other spots around it, though. DER Spot der Bodyboarder Locals. The good thing in Peniche – all spots are quite close together. As mentioned above, you have the luxury to have many different spots at your doorstep. In this time of the year the Ripcurl Pro Portugal takes place at Supertubos, with massive barrels breaking in Peniche. Man fühlt den Spirit des Surfens überall, unzählige Surfschulen und Surfcamps, Shops mit Stuff und vieles mehr. It’s unusually mellow for a reef break with a gentle take-off and long rides, the only downside is that because it is so easily accessible is can get a little busy in the water. Baleal is usually a bit more relaxed so more suitable for beginners and intermediates. As we liked it that much, we decided to work together with Yariv and now help to organize trips to get here. Almost 100% in the winter months. Our host had the great idea to drive 15km up north and see if Praia d’el Rei might work. The lack of a continental shelf accentuates the massive groundswells ensuring year-round surf and a generous supply of quality waves. The bicycle lanes are in great condition so it’s awesome to get with a longboard from A to B. Here you can easily snap your board, or hurt yourself. Between Supertubos and the wall. About Peniche The little fishing town of Peniche is not the prettiest spot on the Portuguese coast, but it's probably the most renowned surfing area in the country. In the nature of a shorebreak, waves break in extremely shallow water. Läuft nur bei westlichem Swell. Tip: It doesn’t matter when and where you go, you will surf loads in Peniche. Actual wave height depends a lot on the swell direction and wave period. Sandbanks shift and swells are never the same. Too much to take for beginners and intermediates. Le surf à Peniche La mer est la plus grande attraction à Peniche et la ville dispose de plusieurs plages agréables où les familles peuvent s’installer. Probably the easiest beach break in all Peniche area. Aber auch im Sommer wird man praktisch nie enttäuscht. If that sounds good, just write a short email with the dates and amount of people, we are happy to help! Respect the Locals! Portugal frees your mind. About Peniche The little fishing town of Peniche is not the prettiest spot on the Portuguese coast, but it's probably the most renowned surfing area in the country. Besides surfing in Peniche – let’s jump into surf alternatives in case your muscles are sore, or there is a lay day due to bad conditions. Home to a great mix of Peniche surf camps, beach bars and cafés, the area is more centred around the beach and surf scene; it doesn't have the same old town charm that Ericeira does or the fancy style of Cascais, but sometimes that is not a bad thing! Peniche is located between Porto and Lisbon. Nicaragua? Fast, cavernous pits that would look more at home on the North Shore of Hawaii endlessly make their way to the shore, challenging surfers to beat the drop and tuck into the barrel. There are not even a handful of days a year without waves under hip high. A bit of an angle usually will make the waves not close out. If you didn’t bring your own board you are dependent on renting one. We visited the Portuguese town during wave “off-season” and have been able to surf every day. Only around high tide. This wave can offer some long rides and is especially well-known among longboarders. Works best in offshore winds from the northeast. Diese Website verwendet Cookies und Services von Drittanbietern. As good for those learning to surf at it is for those with years of experience under their neoprene belts. Daher wird jedes bisschen Welle förmlich angesaugt.

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